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3 Keys to solving headrest angles

Headrest angles refer to the tilt of the headrest relative to the seat back. Unlike airplane headrests that can be adjusted up and down for comfort, car headrests typically have a limited forward tilt. 


There are a few reasons for this design:

  • Safety: The forward tilt helps cradle your head and prevent it from whipping back in a rear-end collision. This reduces the risk of whiplash injuries.
  • Support: A slight forward angle can provide some support for your neck, especially during long drives.
  • Space limitations: Car seats have limited space, and a fixed tilt allows for a more compact design.

3 Keys to solving headrest angles

1 Reposition the torso

A headrest should not push your head forward!.  To remedy this problem, something has to be repositioned: either the headrest or the body.  One day, hopefully, more vehicles will have headrest tilt-adjustment.  Any attempt to modify a headrest is not a considered solution as it compromises its safety functionality (read more about unsafe headrest modifications). 

The solution is to reposition the body, specifically the torso, to create an ergonomic neck alignment. We achieve this with our innovative cushion design as it works in conjunction with the seat-tilt function. This brings pain relief and creates comfortable seating!!torso cushion icon and overlay in car seat

2 Safety

The product must not compromise the safety functionality of the headrest which need to remain in place.
cushion in place with sharp headrest angles

3 No additional pain points

Our cushion doesn't interfere with the hip and thigh placement on the seat. Moreover, it offers some lumbar support. Read more about other ineffective seat cushions.


Final thoughts

However, this forward tilt can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially for people who are tall or who prefer to sit with a reclined seat. So we invite you to read  "Understanding Neck Pain: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention"

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