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Giraffe Cushion Headrest Product

How firm is the Giraffe Cushion Foam?

The foam is quite firm and is not pillow soft and is not memory foam.  The foam firmness is similar to that of the car seat itself. This is required to effectively reposition the torso.  Any soft foam would flatten and not provide the repositioning required to achieve an ergonomic seating position.

Is the Giraffe Cushion comfortable?

Yes: you should not even realize that it is there. It should feel like a normal car seat, however, one that resolves the headrest angle issue.

Can the Giraffe Cushion be used in seats with integrated headrests?

Yes, an extension strap is included with the cushion to allow mounting to seats with integrated headrests.  This extension strap is not needed for post-mounted headrests.

What if I find that my head is too far from the headrest with the Giraffe Cushion?

When driving with headrest issues, the body needs to get into a slumped position.  After installing the Giraffe Cushion, it is possible that muscle memory maintains a slumped position therefore moving the body too far forward.  It is advised to learn to sit with proper posture again and retrain the muscle to assume an ergonomic seating position.

How Giraffe Cushion help relieve neckpain?

The Giraffe Cushion repositions the torso to eliminate the headrest angle problem. 

✅  Enjoy RELIEF from neck and shoulder pain

✅  Enjoy an ERGONOMIC NECK alignment

🚑   SAFE no flipping headrest backward

✅  ONE SIZE fits all bodies

✅  Easy to INSTALL in seconds


✅  Extension-strap included to install on BYD or headrest with no posts

Which materials Giraffe Cushion is made of ?

High quality 3D black mesh and gray anti-slip backing. Comfortable, breathable, washable cover.

What are the dimensions of Giraffe Cushion?

Approximately 19 x 11 x 1.75 inches (48 x 28 x 4.5 cm).

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What is the shipping time ?

  • USA 5-8 days.
  • Other countries 10-20 days.

What are the shipping fees?

  • USA : Freeshipping
  • Other countries : calculated at checkout

Can I return a Giraffe Cushion product if I am not satisfied?

Under the terms of our refund policy, you can return an item if you are not satisfied