sketch of headrest tilt causing painful neck bending

Ultimate guide on uncomfortable headrest tilt-angles

Headrest too far forward?

Get an in-depth understanding of the problem. Get to know what to avoid and what to look for in a solution.

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  • 3 Main Facts on problematic headrest angles

    Although head restraints are a safety feature, they shouldn't push your head forward. Their angles were established for a gap of 2in behind the head of an average person. Not everyone is average and for 16% of people the headrest pushes the head forward instead of having a backset gap...

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  • 3 Keys to solving headrest angles

    Solving the problem of a headrest that pushes the head painfully forward requires the repositioning of something: either the headrest or the body.  The solution is to reposition the body, specifically the torso, to create an ergonomic neck alignment. This brings pain relief and creates comfortable seating!!

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  • Best cars for short people: re headrests

    When it comes to seat comfort short people are disproportionately disadvantaged from vehicle design specifications for headrests.  As discussed in an earlier blog, 16% of the population experience discomfort from headrest angles that push their head too far forward.

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This product fit my exact need. I can now ride comfortably in my car without having to flip the headrest around. I feel much safer in an accident because the headrest is still protecting me, but I can also drive and ride without my head being pushed so far forward. I have tried so many things to accomplish what a simple, well-designed cushion could do, it was WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!!! I'm going to recommend it to everyone!

Maranda R

I’ve always turned the headrest backward so that my head is not tilted forward at an unnatural angle while traveling in my car. However, the headrests in a Tesla do not come off or turn around. It took a long time to find this product, but I am so glad that I finally did. I am so much more comfortable now, and have no more back pain due to driving in my car!

Lea A

I just bought a new 2022 Nissan Kicks this March. Within two days my back was killing me from the headrest angle that cannot be adjusted. I heard someone else mention that these cushions fixed their Nissan seats so I thought I'd try them. I'm so glad I did, instant solution! I have had no problems since and I've taken it on a long road trip. I definitely recommend, thank you!

Stephanie W