back cushion repositions body for straight neck with sharp headrest angles

Best cars for short people: headrest issue

Short drivers face many challenges when shopping for a car and many great articles are written on the subject. 

When it comes to seat comfort, however, short persons  are disproportionately disadvantaged from vehicle design specifications for headrests.  As discussed in an earlier blog, 16% of the population experience discomfort from headrest angles that push their head too far forward.

This 16% of the population is comprised predominantly of persons of short stature, and also those of any height with straighter posture than average.  

Car seat discomfort due to headrest angles are particularly problematic for:

  • shorter individuals
  • hence, females 
  • and anyone with straighter posture

Best cars for this category of people, are those with adjustable tilt headrest if headrest comfort is an issue.  However, even adjustable tilt headrest sometimes do not have the degree of adjustment required for ergonomic seating.

If the car you like doesn't have this adjustable tilt headrest, or the adjustability range isn't sufficient, then Giraffe Cushion can solve the problem since its engineered design makes it act like a headrest-tilt adjustment.

Our back cushion, can open up many options for shorter individuals shopping for a vehicle.

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