guide for short people to setup driver seat

Driving Posture: the best guide to achieve a correct setup!

✨ Correct Driving Posture

The best step-by-step guide to set up your seat.  Includes advice on how to compensate for limitations in the adjustability. START with seat in worst position and sequentially adjust. See helpful diagrams.

The optimal driver's seat setup achieves 2 goals :

  1. Safe Driving which includes visibility and reaching all the controls
  2. Ergonomic Posture for your comfort and the health of your musculoskeletal system

We've searched high-and-low to offer you the best guide.  Full credit to PhysioMed for this great setup methodology which walks you through the steps in a logical progression.  Starting with: To find yours ideal position you should start with the seat in the wrong position and then adjust it from there. 

  • Giraffe Cushion supplements their suggestions for headrest adjustments.

Click on the link for the guide:  Correct Sitting Posture: Driving


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